Petroleum Is Natural Fuel?

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Petroleum Is Natural Fuel?

Petroleum is naturally fuel, liquid, we can find that in the many many surfaces of the earth so that can be refined into fuel, we can’t tell petroleum only to petrol. Petroleum is the natural liquid which is on the surface of the earth. We can get Petroleum from died animals and humans so this skeleton decomposes to liquid under a rock by heat and pressure after many years later.

The petroleum and industry are extremely powerful for trade if you see if any cities have enough petroleum for trade they so reach, Saudi Arabia is of the most countries of petroleum products, that have the best rank as the largest producer and exporter of petroleum in all over the world.

Afghanistan is a land that is reached in natural resources, we have manual expensive stones and untapped petroleum stores. finally, with petroleum, we will able to get money for starting machines cars and money more.

At the of my speeches study hard to have come enginers and we have a lot of natural resources of petroleum at over countries but we don’t have engineers from over country for produce.

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