What is Health? – 2019

What is health and why we need it 2019

What is Health? – 2019 How to Get Healthy:

  1. What is health?
  2. How Much is important health for our body?
  3. When we are seeking how well our fell?
  4. Which vegetable is important for our body?
  5. How can protect our body from fatty?

What is health?

health is alone as alone given from our Lord Allah ( J ), in this world no one gives health only our Lord Allah ( J ) it can give to us. when we are healthy we can Opper the prayer 5 times to go mosque, health is very good for our life when we don’t have good health we never start our life.

How Much is important health for our body?

health is very important for our lives when we have good health we will save our home and our family, if we have good health we can start our education, we can do our work, when we  smoke Cigarette Cherish we will never start our life and never we can offer the prayer and never go to education, drugs have a lot of discussing save your life and enjoy from your life. life is given by Allah ( J ) save your life to success your life.

When we are seeking how well our fell?

when we are seeking, very soon we will go to the doctor and we will check our body and check our health, we should diet and eat the tablets by time and how can protect from seeking we should clean our body, in a week we will both 3 or 4 times in a week.

Which vegetable is important for our body?

We need a vegetable to get a lot of protein and a lot of vitamins, which vegetable is important for our body and vegetables are very important, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, and garlic provide additional benefits, making them a superfood! broccoli, corn, cucumber, lettuce, pumpkin, tomato, beetroot, Brussels, sprouts, are all for our health and give blood for us, these vegetables are all important to we are eat every time because we need it.

How can protect our body from fatty?

When you want to protect your body every day you will do sports 2 times a day don’t eat oily food and never sleep more than 4 hours. speed your calories and you stay in one sheep and eat safe food don’t eat a lot of desserts.

At end of my information please save your health, health is important things in our life, health is everything for us, eats safe foods and avoid from fatty foods eats slowly, thanks from attention my information I collected for you completed.

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