What Is School For? And Instruction Benefits 2019

In the name of ALLAH who has the king of kings by the permission our dear class Mets and respectable teacher. I hope you, you are all of fine as we all know today is Thursday, I collected some information about School Benefits- 2019, I will give you all the information you will pass 100% in your life and get an education in 2019 school.

What Is School For And Instruction Benefits 2019

First of all, defination of the School: 

School is a place for brighting our future, School is a place for learning our parents, grandparents, our family rights, so we all know about education, so the description of school is the same, in our life the most important and impresive place is School.

A place their we can teach, learn, learning brights, learning the right way, so we can call those placces by school, if there is no school our country will not develop, progress and more, so invite more peoples for the schools, the inwitation of this work, we will win reward, that reward we cant see, so in the final world we will see that, if we educated our self, we can find jobs, money, respect from peoples, if you see those peoples how have a greate jobs in the ministry, or another places, all peoples are respecting theme.

So my speaches are enough, At the end of my speaches, plaase let your childern for education, in the future you will have a romantic and safe life, and our country will progressed. this my all information i collected for all you and will gust with us.

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What Is Education || 2019 Instructions

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