What Is Islam Religion? & They Five Pillars

Today InshaAllah we will show you What Is Islam Religion? & They Five Pillars, because you need to information about Islam and five pillars, so we posted this info into ( Download-Plus.com ).

Today my topic is about [ Islam Religion and Five Pillars ].

In the name of Almighty Allah who is kind then parents, by the permission our dear classmates and respectable listening. Before I start my subject I’m starting my subject by Bismillah Rahmani Rahim.

Our dear respectable listening gives us a subject about Five Pillars of Islam, they were a lot of about Islam such us. How Islam come to this world, how Islam promoted and how Islam arrived at us. So I selected one important part of the Islam that is five pillars of Islam.

What Is Islam Religion? & They Five Pillars

Five Pillars

Muslims must perform these duties to show submission to Allah.

Five pillars are divided into five kinds such us, 1st: Kalima/ 2nd: Prayer/3rd: Zakat/ 4rd: Past/ 5st: Hajj.

1st Kalima: A declaration of faith there is no god, but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.

2nd Prayer: All Muslims under the prayer five times in a day

3rd: Zakat Give a thing to the poor person

4rd: Past It gives from Allah (J) and we should take 30 days for this (Past)

5st: Hajj In your/our all life go to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and our life once go to hajj

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