Natural Environment In Your Life

What is the Natural Environment? In Your Real Life, Today my Topic/Speech is about Natural Environment and you will get info from ( ).

In the name of Almighty Allah who is the lord of bosses, by permission our dear visitor and respectable listening.

Natural Environment In Your Life

I’m starting my speeches by the name of the Islamic phrase ( Bismillah Rahmani Rahim ).

Last day I was Ubsend so I don’t know about the article, so our friends want to make an article about Natural Environment and now I prepared an article about Natural Environment.

Finally, in the beginning, and starting my article, I want to know you about the definition of Environment.

Definition of Environment: a position which is surrounded, area objects and more or which is area can we see that is Environment.

About Environment: we live in Afghanistan, so there are our Natural Environment is excellent, si the main reason is our people, there are not trained and they are looking our more peoples who throwing garbages in our ways, roads, villages, beside houses.

So the best way for good health, we must keep cleaning our Natural Environment and we must grow plants, trees, and many more green plants can fresh and clean our air. All in all, if we do not find the right way for this problem, e will sick and a lot of dessis will happen in our family in our Natural Environment.

Clean air is most important for our health, clean Natural Environment liked our prophet Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH ).

So the final of my speeches I want to tell you, clean your Natural Environment clean Environment can keep our/your health as fresh and we will not sick and please tell about this problem to your friends and villagers.

Dear visitor your friends need to this topic about Natural Environment and maybe in your class, your own teacher tell you, on the next day you should bring the topic about Natural Environment so in this place we ready the information about Natural Environment, so first you should see this topic about what is Natural Environment and then you should copy this topic on your own paper and then you should say this topic on your class, so then your teacher will tell you, wow amazing topic about Natural Environment.

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