Muslim Eid (Islamic holidays)

What is Eid? and what is Muslim Eid (Islamic holidays) today my topic is about (Eid) and Muslim or Islamic religion, this information by only, so if you want to know about Eid please stay with us step by step for you full and complete help.

Islamic Eid (Islamic holidays)

In the name of Almighty Allah who created all of the world and creatures, by permission dear visitor and respectable listening so today my topic is about Islamic or Muslim Eid.

All Muslim have two Eids in a year, one is Eid al Fitr and one is Eid al Adha, in our people’s term they are calling the Eids, one is big Eid and one is small Eid.

Eid al Fitr comes after fasting Ramadan, and Eid al Adha is later than two months and ten days after Eid al Fitr or small Ei, in Eid when we wake up from sleep, first of all, we go to ablution after ablution we going to the mosque to pray the prayer, after prayer we listen to khotba, after khutba all Muslims celebrating the Eid with their brothers and relatives, all Muslims giving hubs to each other.

After celebrating Eid, pray the prayer, and listen to khotba they are all going to each other houses, and after that, they are going to Eidgah by Eidgah time, after Edgah if theirs is big Eid all Muslims will sacrifice sheep for the way of Allah, if our people have much money for buying a sheep, after sacrifice we must share some meat to poor families, or if there is small Eid we can’t sacrifice sheep. Eid is a gift which Allah gave to all Muslims twice in a year.

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